Yield Farming

Total F1D for this program: 70,000,000 F1D

What is Yield Farming, and how does it work?

In DeFi, "Yield Farming" refers to the practice of depositing or lending allocated token assets as needed using DeFi products with a mining mechanism in order to provide liquidity for the swap fund pool and generate revenue. This income might be the project's native coin. Deposit the LP on the F1 Dog platform to improve the pool's liquidity. Participants can receive an F1D airdrop as a reward for supplying liquidity.

LP Token

What is the meaning of LP?
When a user invests in a fund pool and contributes liquidity, the fund pool will provide a certificate to a successful depositor, with the LP as the counterpart.
Uses of LP
LP can be put on the F1 Dog platform in order to participate in yield farming and earn money.
Where can I find LP?
To get LP, you must deposit two specified digital assets (F1D and BNB) in the Pancake platform's liquidity pool.

How to farm F1D

Users need to have F1D and BNB in wallets to start the farming process
  • Access to Farming on F1 Dog
  • Add F1D and BNB to Pancake in Farming Display to receive LP
  • Deposit LP and start farming

How to claim F1D and withdraw

  • Access to Farming
  • Click Claim
  • Choose to withdraw
And after this process, F1D Rewards are auto-transferred to your Metamask wallet.