F1 Dog White Paper


What is the marketplace?

This is a lively trading market where all types of NFT may be exchanged. Players may either seek quality NFT racing dogs with an arbitrage price and sell them for a higher price, or they can create and sell basic NFT such as food, race tickets, and spa tickets, or they can purchase the basic NFT to race and win back many enticing prizes.

How to use marketplace?

For purchasing and selling, F1 Dog has its own local marketplace. The marketplace is located at https://market.f1dog.io, the same domain as the game.


The Listing option is similar to a traditional marketplace transaction. Simply advertise your NFT for the price you want to sell it for, and if someone is prepared to pay that price, the transaction will go through, and you will be able to sell your NFT.
If you want to buy an NFT, make sure you have the seller's specified currency (for example, F1D on the Binance chain), then click "Buy." From here, Metamask or other connected wallets will show a pop-up asking you to confirm the transaction; once accepted, your purchase will be complete.

Auction (coming soon)

The auction is the second way we've offered. You may easily put your NFT up for auction with a reserve price using this method. Users can bid on your NFT after it is listed on the market. The Auction will continue until the timer runs out if the reserve price is fulfilled. The auction will be declared invalid if the reserve price is not attained.