F1 Dog White Paper

F1 Dog Summary

What is F1 Dog?

F1 Dog is a Race-to-earn game, which is created to digitize the traditional greyhound racing industry. Players can own dogs, train dogs, breed and use them to participate in races without being pre-equipped with the knowledge of traditional dog racing or requiring a lot of gaming skills. Therefore, anyone can join the game and earn money easily.

Mission & Vision


Research shows that the first domestication of wild dogs appeared more than 33,000 years ago. From wild dogs, dogs have been companions with humans hunting for food and evolution. In history, many stories have been recorded about the loyalty of dogs, such as Hachiko the dog who always waits for his owner at the train station even after the owner has passed away.
Hachiko dog statue in Japan
Or the sacrifice of a dog named “Laika” for Russia's Sputnik 2's spaceflight experiment.
Image of Laika
Nowadays, in real life, people often bring animals out to compete with each other, for example, horse racing, dog racing, bullfighting ... the competition is not only for the purpose of showing the strength of the animal but also to demonstrate the ability of human talent training. It looks like an entertainment TV gameshows. Viewers may not understand the emotions of the animals being brought to the competition. And sometimes dog owners forced dogs to be injected with drugs or compete in trauma situations. there were dogs that have died on the tracks.
In addition, there are dogs on special duty in the army that sometimes have to sacrifice or risk their lives to save wounded soldiers or do dangerous missions.
F1 Dog aspires to bring a true dog racing game with gameplay that resembles reality as much as possible and shows the spirit of the game as a fierce race between dogs. Besides, there is also the love of people for animals (through training, feeding mode, buying accessories …) that have been considered loyal and friends with humans for more than 30,000 years without affecting the health of the dogs.


We expect that in the future, F1 Dog will be part of our company's metaverse ecosystem. Through that, players will be able to make the most of the resources for the best experience.
For most games on the market, when players want to withdraw money from one game to switch to another game, they have to sell the item into a token, then convert it back to another game's token, and then buy in-game items. These stages are very complicated and cost a lot of gas. For our metaverse ecosystem, we're going to make the transition as concise as possible. Players can directly convert items of equal value from game to game in the ecosystem through a system's conversion channel, and receive items instantly in the new game.
For example, when you have an NFT racing in F1 Dog, and our company releases a new game (a car racing game for example), you can convert the NFT racing dog directly into an NFT car and get it in a car racing game inventory right away with only 1 gas fee.
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